Little bit of brown

Hey, I've been out lately for some self-improvement. This brown polo really caught my attention so I decided to bring it up. Having events in the university is one of the many chances I have to display my ootd's. This polo hungs in my closet for about a year and I rarely notice it. So... Continue Reading →


Slay your Polo

Hey there have you ever wondered or think about what style suits you well( I thought of that million times) . Most of the time polo's are the main items for formal/ office wear. Wearing any kind of polo is my style, anything related to that is what I love.Whether that is Loose, oversized, edgy,... Continue Reading →

Skincare to share

As we grow, we discover things that are new and beneficial to us. We always urge to satisfy our curiosity on things leading us to new discoveries. I was once a girl who don’t even care about how I look in front of other people “haggard” was not on my dictionary before, but as I... Continue Reading →

Hauling in Ukay-Ukay

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes everywhere anywhere. It’s all about clothes. Sensitivity strikes me whenever I got to shop for clothes back then I never appreciated pre-loved clothes (Ukay-Ukay) because I taught it’s not so overwhelming and not very pleasing to wear.. As a child I never experience to go to such places as this because my... Continue Reading →

What’s with the dress up?

Fashion is one o f the things that never goes out of style. Always on the topline 😊 New Ideas every day, curiosity that leads to creativity that is Fashion. One thing that I like about it, is the freedom of choosing what I like and love to wear. We are living in a world... Continue Reading →

El Yu?

How can I describe this place?   It’s Paradise, gigantic and strong waves, friendly people, and a lot of Instagrammable spots awaits you in the “Surfing Capital of the North: La Union”. Millennials nowadays always look for something new, something refreshing, something that’s pleasing that can satisfy their wants and needs. Well your lucky enough because San Juan... Continue Reading →

Year-end Hiking

I always love to go hiking,the smell of the grass, the wind dashing through your skin, birds chirping and a scenery that would take your breath away. 2017 has been a good year for me. I'm beyond blessed especially on my studies. And this is the best way to end an awesome year. HIKING. Being... Continue Reading →

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